Kingston is home to some of the best freshwater wreck diving in the World.  Our local TV Station made a little travelogue advertising this fact.  Click here to see what we mean.   We have several sources of training locally as well as a number of excellent dive charter operations.  These are listed in alphabetical order below.  Other training and charter operations in the Region that may interest divers are shown towards the bottom of the page.  Please note that most dive business in Kingston is seasonal (April to November).  Do contact the operation you're interested in to check their hours and availability before making any big travel plans.


CFB Kingston Dolphin Scuba Club - Although primarily established to serve members of the Canadian Forces and their family members, this Club accepts a limited number of civilian members for training.  A full range of recreational training is available.  They publish a leaflet that outlines their costs and arrangements.

Explorer Diving - Kingston's other recreational dive training facility offering full service from beginner to advanced.

Dive Charters

Abucs Dive Charters, Kingston - Abucs Scuba Diving, based in Brockville, has an arrangement to accept charters out of Kingston on the recreational vessel, Jasmine.  There are eight places available.

Kingston Dive Charters - This operation runs out of Collins Bay, behind the Legion.  Look out for a new 12-pack boat this Summer.

Pats Charters - Home of the fastest, 6-pack boat on the Lake, operating out of Treasure Island Marina.

Gas / Air Fills

Explorer Diving

Kingston Dive Charters

Other Regional Businesses

Abucs Scuba Diving - Based in Brockville, Abucs has premises in that City and, from Summer 2019, it will operate charters out of Waupoos Marina in Prince Edward County.  

Canadian Sport Subs - Operates out of a very convenient location in Belleville.

Dive Tech - Situated on County Road 2, West of Brockville, very handy for divers visiting sites in the St Lawrence River.  Unquestionably the best-stocked dive store in the region.

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