MAY 2021 - Moorings for the Season

Thanks to the different Boat Charter Operators for their hard volunteer work of the last few weeks, working diligently to lift the mooring lines and setting up the buoys before the long-awaited dive season start.

As of Wednesday, May 19th, the following wrecks are moored: Aloha/Effie Mae, City of Sheboygan, Comet, Cornwall, Eureka, George A. Marsh, George T. Davie, Glendora, KPH, and Munson. The Wolfe Islander II should be moored soon.

Thanks to the work of our Acting Mooring Director, POW Kingston has been able to replace two lines and is working to replace two more. A lot of mooring lines and buoys are aging and will need to be replaced. We need your help to raise the funds and resources necessary for this important task. Without proper moorings, shipwrecks of the area could face significant damage for unaware/unexperienced boaters and divers trying to access these wrecks.

If you have any questions about the current status of moorings, do not hesitate to contact us here or on our Facebook Page. Please consider becoming a member or donating. All help is important!

Thank you in advance for your support!

Water Levels on the Great Lakes - March 2020

Predictions of Ice Cover on the Great Lakes 

Water Levels on the Great Lakes

July 2018 - Rumours have circulated for some months about a new wreck in Kingston waters.  Now comes confirmation by way of a remarkable set of images from Ontario diver and photographer, Rick Rogers, whose website can be found at  Rick visited the site of what is believed to be the Eureka recently.  He has given Preserve Our Wrecks permission to reproduce a couple of his pictures.  The first shows the bow, heavily encrusted with mussels, but largely intact.  

The second image shows divers over the stern of the vessel, with the wheel intact.  
Armed with this evidence of a new site of significant interest, POW will be working to ensure that it is correctly registered with the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, as required by law.  Planning can then commence on how best to record the wreck details and deter artifact collectors from plundering it.  Consideration will also be given to placing a permanent mooring to reduce the risk of damage from anchoring, while respecting divers’ understandable desire to see something new.


May 2018 - High temps and great dive conditions recently have all encouraged the diver in us to get out and get going.  Never mind that the water’s still a little cold.  We can announce that the following moorings are now available to the whole community.  If you’re not already a POW member, and you use these sites, please consider the time, trouble and expense involved in maintaing them and send a donation to support the work;  It doesn’t just happen !  Moorings now in place:



Wolfe Islander II

Geo T. Davie

Geo A. Marsh

KPH Wreck

May 2018 - POW is pleased to announce the results of the elections to the Board arising from our very successful AGM of May 6th.  After 10 years of service on the Board, Mike Hill stepped down to enable a new slate of officers to bring renewed energy and ideas to our Organisation.  The resignation of Ben Holthof, outgoing President, was also accepted at the meeting.

The new Board, which has already taken effect, is made up as follows:

              President:           Matt Charlesworth  (Matt was profiled in our last newsletter)

              Vice President:    Corey Phillips

              Secretary:           Nadia Jagar

              Treasurer:           Helen Cooper

              Moorings:            Harold Vanderbergh

April 2018 - It’s here.  Our Spring Newsletter is now available for all to download or read online.  Let us know what you think of it in due course.  

April 2018 - Here’s a look at the current water levels and predictions for the future.  Note that we are currently trending above the average.

April 2018 - Old news perhaps, but we thought that some of you would like to have a look at the blog site that pre-dated our website.  Some of you will enjoy refreshing your memory of events in which you participated.  Others will find something completely new.

April 2018 - It has been a long time coming, but there are definite signs that Spring is finally about to arrive.  One of the early examples that gives us hope every year is the arrival of the local Coastguard Cutter, the Cape Hearne, for service out of Kingston’s Portsmouth Harbour.   

April 2018 - We’d like to acknowledge the generous assistance of Helen Cooper (ABUCS Scuba) in representing POW at the Shipwrecks Symposium in Niagara on the Lake.  There isn’t the budget for us to attend personally, so benefiting from the help of a member like Helen, who was present anyway, is really helpful.. and greatly appreciated.  As you can see, her support provided the opportunity to make more people aware of our organisation.  

March 2018 - POW is thrilled to announce that, in what we take as a vote of confidence, the Great Lakes Underwater Explorers elected to confer on us funds remaining in their account when their group wound up.   They can be assured that every cent goes towards the promotion of diving in Kingston area waters and awareness of our maritime heritage.  Thank you to all involved in the decision to make this generous donation.  


December 2017 - It has been brought to our attention that concerns have been raised about the status of Preserve Our Wrecks.  This is understandable to some extent, because our membership levels have dropped in the last couple of years.  There has also been a noticeable decline in the numbers of divers visiting Kingston and the number of dive centres and charter operations active in the area. 

Despite these facts, POW has continued to fund the mooring programme that provides a service to all.  We are very grateful to local charter operators, who expend time, energy and money annually in supporting our work by physically deploying buoys.  Some also undertake maintenance on lines and moorings, for which POW usually pays.  

POW also participated very strongly in the generation of the local Waterfront Master Plan, attending all the planning meetings and submitting written comments and suggestions for ways that the needs of the dive community could be served.  The Organisation was as disappointed as local divers to learn that none of these proposals was adopted in the final Plan.

The move of the Marine Museum of the Great Lakes to a temporary home was a great blow to those who treasure Kingston’s maritime heritage and who have sought consistently to keep it in the public conscientiousness.   POW contributed strongly to the Museum’s major project in 2017.  This is a virtual underwater exhibit that will make a major impact when it goes live in 2018.  POW made the key introductions and provided advice that significantly contributed to the success of this project.

In all its work, POW relies on volunteer effort and the proceeds of membership / donations.  No external funding or sponsorship has ever been provided.  Are you a member ?

August 2017 - The International St Lawrence - Lake Ontario River Board continue to monitor water levels in the Lake and Seaway.  They have been declaring continued high outflows and decreasing levels, but it’s hard to tell at the shoreline, where the water remains much higher than most have ever experienced.  Here’s a graphic from their latest Facebook statement.

August 2017 - NEW DIVE STORE Opens in Kingston - ABUCS of Brockville has recently opened a store in Kingston at 55 Rigney Street.  The intention is to offer full service to the dive community.  Please drop by and say hi to Emily, who will be fronting up the new location.  

June 2017 - MISSING BUOYS - Members, and others who have given generous support to POW over the years, will know just how much effort goes into managing the moorings in local waters.  Each site requires annual maintenance, regular inspection and occasional replacement of component parts.  The most expensive object is, of course, the mooring buoy itself.  Each year, through a combination of harsh weather and other circumstances, we lose one or more of these buoys.  Most now have our contact information on them and we hope to hear from finders.  But, if you’re out and about on the Lake and in the River, please keep an eye open for any ‘strays’.  We can’t afford rewards, but we’d be happy to buy you a drink if you locate one of our buoys away from its original location.

June 2017  -  Undoubtedly, the major topic of interest this year has been the high water levels in Lake Ontario.  Reports suggest that they have reached levels not seen since records began in 1918.  The reason seems to have been a combination of a warmer-than-usual Winter period and a very rainy Spring.  Whatever the explanation, it’s certainly caused chaos for Marina operators, boaters and many shoreside residents.  

The graphic shown, taken from the website of the International St Lawrence - Lake Ontario River Board is a lifeless statement of the situation.  Here are a couple of pictures taken at popular local shore dive sites.  They may illustrate the situation a little better.

                                                        Fairfield Park, Amherstview

                                           Portsmouth Harbour - by the Coastguard Station

Forecasts suggest that a return to ‘normal’ seasonal water levels, despite a steady release of water from the Lake, will not occur until mid June at the earliest.

10 May 2016 - Another year, another opportunity to get out and enjoy the wonderful shipwreck sites in the waters off Kingston, Ontario.  There’s nothing new, but while the water remains quite cold (about 42F / 6C) the visibility is excellent. This reflects the late Spring and extended Winter we endured.  

Some dive charter boats are already in the water.  Moorings are in place on the Munson, Cornwall, Davie, Marsh, Comet and City of Sheboygan.  Check out our diving link to find someone who will get you to the offshore wrecks while the Lake is quiet.

3 November 2015 - POW has been actively engaged in the consultation process held by the City of Kingston to compile suggestions for Council in a Waterfront Master Plan.  You will appreciate that the interests of the dive community should be considered.  They never really have been in the past.  A public meeting to outline the key proposals likely to go forward to Council will be held at Portsmouth’s Harbour Centre on the evening of Monday, November 16th, between 7 and 9 pm.  If you want to ensure that divers receive due consideration, please try to attend and demonstrate our concerns over waterfront access and facilities.

3 November 2015 - Great news from the Marine Museum of the Great Lakes.  A grant is going to allow them to install interpretive plaques around the dry dock explaining the significance of the site.  One key factor in their success was linking the role of John A. MacDonald to the creation of the facility.  Look out for these new plaques in the months ahead.

6 October 2015 - There can be very few Canadians who have not heard about the discovery in the Arctic of one of the ill-fated ships of the Franklin Expedition; HMS Erebus.  POW, in association with the Marine Museum of the Great Lakes, is pleased to announce that Jonathan Moore, one of the Parks Canada archaeologists closely involved in the discovery  and subsequent investigation is to talk in Kingston on November 4th.  A poster providing all the details can be downloaded by clicking here.

22 September 2015 - POW members participated last year in the production of an item to be shown by Cogeco TV as part of a wider series promoting tourism in Ontario.  The series, which was excellent, visited various sites around the Province highlighting attractions accessible by the public.  Permission has been given now to make the piece on scuba diving in Kingston available to the wider, internet audience.  Check it out.

15 September 2015 - Advised by POW members, the CFB Kingston Yacht Club has invested in two marker buoys that will mark the heritage wreck sites in Deadman Bay next year.  The buoys will create a ‘No Anchorage’ area at each of the two sites.  Divers from POW will direct placement of the concrete mooring blocks this Fall to ensure that no inadvertent damage occurs to the wrecks.

CFB Heritage Buoy crop

8 June 2015 - Members of Preserve Our Wrecks teamed up with Cogeco TV last year to produce a segment on diving for a series of programmes that will promote tourism in Ontario.  The first episode will air at 8pm on Monday, June 15th.  The one containing the dive information, including new and original footage of our local wrecks, will air on July 8th.  Set your Tivo or DVR now to make sure that you don’t miss this.  View the promo TV ad here 

7 June 2015 - Several divers marked World Ocean Day with a Clean-Up dive at the Portsmouth Olympic Harbour.  We pulled out about 200 pounds of rubbish; mainly bottles, some metalwork, shreds of wire and a nearly new skateboard !

IMG 4172

Clean-Up Divers (and Teegan)

This is a follow-up to our earlier relationship with Canadive, an organisation dedicated to cleaning up waterways across our nation.

IMG 4177

Divers and the spoils

We were fortunate to have perfect weather for the event, as you can see in the accompanying pictures. 


Booth at Barriefield

7 June 2014 - Great day at the Barriefield Village 200th Anniversary Heritage Festival.  Check out our smart advertising material.  The Fair featured all manner of crafts and other activities.  They included woodturning, pottery, weaving and other things.  There was substantial interest in our information and we sold several T-Shirts.

28 May - The moorings on the Munson and City of Sheboygan are in place.

19 May  - New video of the wreck of the Comet published to the website.

18 May - New video of the wreck of the Cornwall published to the website.

15 May  Picked up three new mooring buoys today.  At $300 each by the time we have added the mandatory decals, these are valuable items.  All our mooring work is done using funds that accrue from membership fees and donations alone.  If you enjoy our moorings, which are placed to avoid anchoring on fragile wrecks, then please consider making a donation. You can reach our page at Canada Helps by clicking here.

13 May  Following our successful contribution to Canadive’s cross-Canada clean-up last year, we have been invited to participate in a broader, extended action between 8 June (World Ocean Day) and 8 October this year.  More to follow, but it basically involves turning every dive into an opportunity to remove debris and rubbish from the Lake. That may not be so simple for most of us.  I don’t see a lot of rubbish on most of our wreck sites.  However, there’s certainly a bit to be dealt with at some of the shore locations.

Pat Coyne prepares to launch the Wolfe Islander Buoy..

12 May  Another two moorings were lifted today.  These are on the Wolfe Islander 2 and the KPH Wreck.  The Wolfe Islander 2 is one of our most popular wreck sites and two buoys are maintained.  Both are now present in time for the May Holiday.  

8 May.  The first moorings have been placed in the Lake. These are on the popular wrecks the Comet, the Geo A.Marsh and the Aloha / Effie Mae.  We put a lot of time and effort into placing and maintaining these moorings and they benefit the whole dive community.  Please consider joining our Organisation or making a donation to support our work.   The easiest way to do so is undboubtedly through Canada Helps

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