Shoreline Dive Survey

The signature survey for 2018 will be an updating of shore dives accessible within the City of Kingston.  There have been a lot of developments in recent years that have impacted negatively on our ability, as divers, to enter the water.  The survey will provide a list of sites that remain avialable, with diagrams and site descriptions meeting a uniform style that encourages and supports visitors.  

Since concerns have been expressed about the safety and stability of some of the underwater sites we have commonly used in the past, there will be advice and information on this topic too.

St Lawrence Project

The St Lawrence project was a collaborative venture led by Preserve Our Wrecks.  Other major participants were drawn from the Classics Department of Queen’s University, the Marine Museum of the Great Lakes in Kingston and the Underwater Archaeology Service of Parks Canada.  

The intention was to apply modern imaging techniques to the site in order to generate a digital record that could be used for mensuration and to serve as a baseline for assessment of any deterioration.  

The work would have been  of national significance given the historical importance of HMS St Lawrence.  She remains the largest warship (by displacement) ever to sail the Great Lakes and, as the Flagship of the British Squadron during the War of 1812, deserves to be remembered and appreciated by later generations.

Unfortunately, due to a combination of political issues affecting some participants, lack of availability of others and adverse weather conditions over the short period of opportunity to access the site, the project was never completed.


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